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The Drop

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Ethermore Character Sale

this is all the block gods can handle.

Ethermore is built to outlast even the coldest of crypto winters. Here is how we are doing things differently for our drop:

1) Low price. Everyone who wants to participate should be able to.

2) Fair price. After the Early backer phase, each character is set at 0.04 ETH

3) Phased lockouts. After Every 1000, the contract will pause the sale and a Roadmap Unlock will be Achieved. This will allow several points for us to check in with the community.
You will get your Hero pack.
Some designed time-out hype and anticipation will build.
The mint of this phase will then occur and your Ethermore characters will be revealed.

4) Randomness sets the culture. The NFT you will mint will be randomly set in a pre-determined order for fair and equal distribution of rare traits.
It will also ensure Race and Class Equity in the character community.

You can then sell and buy desired characters on other secondary marketplaces as ERC-721 standard tokens in Etherium supported wallets.

5) Our contract. We spent time crafting this the way we want. We have ability to modify and add things in the future as per our Roadmap and the community suggestions.